Haug Commission

Haug Commission

Custom mural commission of repodruction Bobri advert.Acrylic on hinged panels
72″ x 80″
Private collection



This work was created as a private commission for a client whose home reflects the design sensibilities of the 1920’s art deco movement. A pair of hinged closet doors greets visitors upon entering the home, and my client wished to use the vast white space as a canvas to create an ambiance to reflect his personality and style in a more visually appealing way.


Together we crafted a design based on a period advertisment for women’s shoes originally created by designer and illustrator Vladimir Bobritsky. You may know him more intimately as the beloved children’s book illustrator, Bobri.



A photo of the work as it originally hung in the entryway of the client's home, from the vantage point of the front door.

Our only reference image for this work being in black and white, the client and I agreed the best of the initial sketches were the samples which pulled from the existing color palette in his home. While we also considered variations with color stories more common to what was popular during the era, the final mural reflects the creative results of our collaboration.

This work currently hangs at Haug Chiropractic in Moscow, Idaho.

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February 23, 2004